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Johnny Gaddar: Flashes in the dark

Johnny GaddarJohnny Gaddar is an open-end thriller with most common humane attributes–greed, money, love, and kill. A well-planned but failed betrayal brings everyone in a deadly trap; where the only escape route is Death.

Another master-thriller from Sriram Raghaban, who debuted with Ek Hasina Thi, shows how Indian cinemas are slowly making a paradigm shift towards Hollywood style of film-making; neatly packaged, fast paced, and innovatively conceptualised piece of work that keeps viewers’ interest intact till the credits appear; An end-to-end, value-for-money entertainer that perfectly suits its well-conceived plot while keeping the typical Bollywood overdoses at bay. Neil Mukesh, the grandson of legendary singer Mukesh, is truly a great find, and, if well guided, he may well be the face that the industry is desperately looking for.

Johnny Gaddar, the film, is in perfect rhythm with evolving urban lifestyle and taste, but may not suit the larger framework of Indian audience. The dismal performance indicators at Box-office MUST NOT deter you from watching this film.

The Story []: Set in Mumbai, the film focuses on a small section of the city’s notorious nightlife. An ensemble group of five men, the eldest is 60+, the youngest in his 20s. They have their fingers in various legal and not so legal activities.

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Dhol: Jo Baja-hi nahi…

dhol the movie, 2007A not-so-hilarious tale of four guys who want to make it big in life with the least possible effort. While trying to find a short cut to success, they embark on a comic journey of love, money, greed, crime, murder & suspense.

Priyadarshan’s Dhol is a mix bag, which largely disappoints and fails to excite, barring a few odd laughs. The most annoying part itself is the central theme of the movie which is kept away from the story till the fag end. May be the director tried to use the trick of unraveling mystery the old way; those stone-aged movies where certain objects were introduced out of nowhere just to keep the story going.

Though not a comedy trash like Priyadarshan’s recent flicks–provides a few gags after all–Dhol is certainly skippable.

[ Latest Box office Trend: Average ]

The Story: Sharman, Rajpal, Tushar and Kunal want to make it big in life but with the least possible effort. They have been doing all sorts of jobs with hardly any money. They decide that the only way to get rich (without working too hard) is to marry a rich girl. The four cannot believe their luck when Ritu (Tanushree) shifts into their neighborhood. All four of them try various methods to get close to the girl including impressing her grandparents but somehow nothing goes right. But the boys are persistent and end up discovering a spine chilling truth.


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Life in a Metro: has a life!


Genre: Romance/Dramma/Comedy | IMDB Profile | Director: Anurag Basu

“Yeh sahar jeetna humhe deta hai, kambakt us-se bahut zyada le bhi lete hain, …”

.. says Monty (Irrfan khan) to Shruti (Konkona) as they stare at the gigantic cityscape from a high-rise terrace; an unthawed pain rinses her mind, wondering if her existence has any meaning at all in this harsh fast-moving urban world.

Anurag Basu’s ‘Life in a Metro’ is an attempt to embark on a journey that runs through a busy city-life, discovering its beauty and filth concurrently. The strength of this movie lies in the way the story is told within a set of different inter-linked characters; smooth tranisitions – never letting you feel lost; brilliantly handled emotional modulations – leaving out the typical b’wood melodramas. I loved the way songs are synchronized, though not many I believe will think that it’s a good idea to have a set of musicians appearing from nowhere to sing the tracks. But, in a complex flow like this, I felt, it helped to make seamless transitions between the criss-crossing stories. the songs, on the other hand, are well used and blended within the story. The tracks, which have a definitive Rock influence, clearly indicate Pritam’s growing confidence on infusing different genres.

Without a doubt, Metro is an out-and-out entertainer that will keep you on the edge for a little over two hours with its brisk pace, neat presentation, good performances and some well-intended humor. Though it slips out on a few occasions towards the end, it’s nevertheless a good paisa vasool for you.

My fav Songs:

Rishtey (James)

Meri Jaan

In Dino

May 28, 2007 at 6:06 pm 2 comments

American Blend

IMDB Profile | Genre: Family dramma | Directed by Varun Khanna

Raj (Anupam Kher), an Indian immigrant to Los Angeles, runs a family restaurant – ‘Bollywood’ with the help of his American wife Jaymee (Dee wallace Stone) and his three children Vijay, Maya and Nikki. Jaymee is a Katthak dancer, who trains girls on Indian classical dance. theirs is a closely knit family with a traditional Indian family values. that is, until, one fine day, Raj & Jaymee discloses a closely guarded secret to their children. everything that they saved over the years, ostensibly, starts falling apart…

Honestly, i have grown a flair of these small independent movies that usually go un-noticed from the main-stream. unlike the quintessential bollywood flicks, these movies dont try to sell the fantasy in a much percieved way that we have fed over the years. the realism is a core part of them. American Blend, though fail to grow beyond the ordinariness, is something that emits a positivism. it’s vibrant and meaningful. i liked the scene where they mix the kathak with tap dancing. that was really good. performances, however, are average. but nevertheless, you’d not regret to watch American Blend that delivers a feel-good, jolly-jovial experience on-a-whole.

For a detailed review, read this.

Music: my fav Songs

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Shakalaka Boom Boom: eee ShaLa Ka (mu) KaLa

Shakalaka Boom Boom

(((An open-mouth, expressionless Robo [Upen] Patel + a dumb ass, “mah-boob-A++” Ms Jaitley)


(A haggard BooBee Deol + a totally clueless Ms Raut))


A darshan (vision?) less story)


He-Miss RassMiya’s musical blessings



Didnt understand a bit, right? Dont worry, that’s how this motion(ed) picture is;

a dual-core(2) OxyMoron that goes BooM BooM on your mind processor!

Songs i liked: 

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Delhi Heights: ouch! it bites!

Delhi Heights

To consolidate a two-hour torturous filmi experience that Delhi Heights instilled on my soul, only a few words are worth the pain; A height of frustration, like that one handed rock-climber, who suddenly felt like scratching his **** while hanging from a rock! it was only the irreversible sadness of digging a hole in the pocket that refrained me from running away after the interval, reminding me how wise it would be to enjoy (atleast) a 2 hour free cooling in this hot summer… i felt nothing better than that rock climber, you know!

so, do you still expect me to write a review of a film that i only pretended to see? 🙂 the online versions are out already, figure out on your own if you’re really interested! they say that there lies an opportunity in every adversity; see if you could pull out one!! On that positive-finding note, here is one that may work. If you have never been to Delhi, then it may not be a bad idea to visually experience the city through a movie camera!

Rabbi’s songs are highly touted, but, except for this one (Tere Bin), they really fail to stand out!

Tere Bin
You can find the lyrics of the song here

April 3, 2007 at 11:44 pm 3 comments

Just Married: hard to adjust!

Did Meghna Gulzar and Farhan Akhtar share a storyline that involved a few newly-wed couples, an old odd couple and a honeymoon journey with tweaks here and there over a coffee table chat? Jokes apart, while Farhan went out to produce a slick Honeymoon Travels, Gulzar came up with a less exciting Just Married.

So, if you’ve already watched HT, then JM has nothing much more to offer except for an out-of-context, hero-heroine-must-unite kind of ending, which actually threatens to take away all the little goodies from the movie. sure, All goes well that ends well! Just Married is an easy-going movie that tries to address the post marital agonies of newly marrieds. though it goes a little over here and there, it manages to flow well until the end. While Fardeen Khan surprises me with his first-ever good performance on screen, Esha Deol just manages to hang in within the level of viewers’ tolerance! among the supporing cast, Kiran Kher and Satish Kaushik as the odd old couple are excellent and garner the maximum laughter.

The songs, from Pritam’s stable, are the shining grace and thoroughly enjoyable. below are my favorites for you to listen.
Ram Milaye Jodi
Jaagte Raho

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Honeymoon Travels: Join the ride

As bollywood is setting itself onto the experimental gear thesedays more frequently, here comes a movie that takes a peak into a web of relationships with a realistic approach. set up in the background of a honeymoon trip by some newly wed couples, the film explores the fantasies, complexities, and the challenges that lie inside the relationships and start to poke out the ugly heads from the very beginning of a married life. where it excels is the way it handles them. though there are a few things that the film could do without but over-all, it’s a good fun to watch. the film successfully creates a jolly-jovial, lively picnic kind of atmosphere that you’re bound to sink into. KayKay is outstanding with his perfect bong characterization, while Boman Irani’s wisecracks spill the laughters all around everytime you hear him. others too pitched in with laudable performances. So, rush in and join the ride!

Song i liked:
Saajanji vari vari

February 26, 2007 at 12:46 pm 3 comments

percusion on a guitar?

it takes a bit of imagination and creativity to play a fusion of percusion and drum. what if you try to do that on a guitar?? tat must be crazy; atleast that’s what i thought of this.. check out!

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