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Namaste London: Na-Ma-taste


Namastey London revolves around the characters of Jasmeet aka Jazz (Katrina Kaif), a highly pampered daughter of Mr and Mrs Manmohan Singh (Rishi Kapoor and Nina Wadia). Jazz despite her dad’s utter dislike wants to marry her thrice divorced English boss, Charlie Brown (Clive Standen) , a self-centred, bigoted, unpleasant fellow.

To get rid of such whimsical and no-brainer desire of her unrealistic daughter, Mr Singh plans a trip to India under the pretext of visiting motherland and long lost relatives. Singh, actually, intends to get Jazz married off to a desi cultured groom. But little did he know that he would have to meet a bunch of stupid wannabe grooms obsessed with Indian Idol, K-soaps and Numerology gurus. [source:]

Not really much to say about a film, which again pokes an ugly thought in me – why dont some people still realise that we’re really tired of those rotten naacha-gaana-rona-dhona-fir mil jaana, and everybody-knows-what type of movies? are they simply ignorant or over confident, thinking they can test the viewers’ patience and simply get away with it, raking the moolah at cinema-goers’ expenses. Sorry Mr Vipul Shah, but why dont you try your luck somewhere else, may be in Dubai?

And of-course when you see online versions arriving all over the web on the very 2nd day of a movie release, you must realize that it is already on its way to the theater managers’ disposal bins.

Music sounds good with a couple of numbers that i really liked.
Main Jahan Rahoon

Yahi hota hai pyar

March 27, 2007 at 10:26 pm 26 comments



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