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Provoked: Are you?

provoked.jpg Strong, Realistic, Serious, Violent…

IMDB Profile

Genre: Dramma

Tagline: Her suffering was unimaginable, Her solution unthinkable

Directed by: Jagmohan Mundhra

Music: AR Rehman

Finally i decided to try my eyes on the film Provoked. based on the real life story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who dared to snap her torturous husband in a bid of survival, the film caught large public interest, but ironically not many rushed to the theaters to see it anticipating horrors at their own home!!!!

Usually, i avoid movies of Ms Aishwarya Rai since the day her Umrao Jaan avatar inflicted such execrable pain on my soul 😦 , and adding more salts to my wound is her current marital event, which has invaded every corner of the media space, making my tv life miserable to say the least. so bugged i was that i unplugged my cable wire, and gulped a full can of beer in a (false) sense of victory over the inundated senseless media streams into my home. 🙂

But did i have a surprise in store? and to my horror, it was. Besides having a strong storyline and wide public attention (which partly worked for the movie), Provoked has an average-to-good range of performance by Ash – a rare one after Bansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. hoop hoop hoop. i patted my own back seeing my decision-making-skills are not so bad as i thought them to be (again a false sense of achievement? 🙂 dont know!).

jokes apart, being fed by the fantasy sops of bollywood all through our lives, we haven’t yet come to the terms of serious real-life stories. it’s hard to motivate people to see a film that is expected to deliver gory ingredients of our real-lives — struggles, violence etc. We, as a matter of fact, don’t like to leave theater feeling worse than when we arrived. but sometimes, may be it feels a little good to feel so bad.

Here’s a good review of the film at Radiosargam.

The music by AR Rehman is pleasing; soft and melodious. (Genre: Country / folk)

A beautiful music video by Karen David & AR Rehman for Provoked.

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