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Fool n Final: A Fool and his Final movie?


Believe me, i could last only about 30 mins before every spirit tucked under my flesh started biting the poor soul. it was when Shahid Kapoor started descending from a 20 story building that my every effort to defeat this evil called ‘Fool-n-Final’ shattered. you may wonder, what’s wrong in that? Ahh, he was cycling down all the way from top!!!! i wish that choreographer-turned-director fella (the Fool) has done his Final movie here. This rare asset must be immediately deported to Dubai, so that he can shoot, at his will, with the camels, bedwins and cactus, in the desert! Will someone take the pain to let him know how bad an Ass he is, who might have thought that shaking bums and making movies require the same girth of talent; though, i doubt if he has anyat all…

But i urge you to take a look at the movie; not that there’s anything good, but you can measure your level of tolerance… and i bet, if you can survive through all the three hours, you’d know that you’ve had conquered “pain”, and inched a step forward to attain Nirvana like Lord Buddhha did 🙂

On the music front too, Himesh Reshmaiya’s scores are disappointing. Much appreciation to be given to the promotion team, who did a smart job in packaging before it actually arrived in theaters. And by then, nothing much can be done – all you have is a load of dirty yellow stuff packed in a sexy looking wrap.

Tere Layee

Yeh Dooriyan

June 11, 2007 at 12:20 pm 6 comments



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