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New Sholay: First look

bachhan_as_gabbar.jpgThe Sinister – Bachhan as Gabbar;Oh Hell!!! is he going to deliver his best performance ever?? it’s him vs Mohanlal in Ramu’s new Sholay.
mohanlal_as_thakur.jpgThe avenger – Mohanlal as thakur;if there’s one who may emerge better than the image that the epic move had cast for so long in the viewers’ mind, it is Mohanlal.
ajay_as_veeru.jpgAjay as Veeru;unpredicatable. but going by the actor in Ajay, it’s not possible to write him off.
nisha_as_basanti.jpgNisha as Basanti;the biggest hole of the project i guess. this legged wonder looks unimpressive at the first cut!
prashant_sholay.jpgPrashant as Jai;why do i have an inkling that the debutant would come good, though no good can be good for this role 🙂
sush_sholay.jpgSush as Durga;looks far too glamorous for the role. not sure, if she could fit into Jaya Bhaduri’s shoes…
Here is the first look video for RGV’s new Sholay [Source: ibnlive]

June 5, 2007 at 12:26 pm 12 comments

Nishabd: a costly silence though…

As the curtains come down, one is left with an eerie silence; trying to overcome the uneasiness of a relation that is brilliantly etched by director Ramgopal Verma and superbly performed by Amitabh Bachhan. Nishabd is a bold attempt by every sense – specially its climax though it’s unlikely to find many takers among the mass. though one may find a few loopholes in the theme, the overblown and unrealistic Anything-but-Sexual kind of lust, this movie has all the trappings of a classic from the film-making point of view. What remains to be seen is, whether the public embraces it. To sum it up, Nishabd will get a thumbs-up from the thinking class, but unlikely to fare well in the box-office!

March 6, 2007 at 5:33 pm 6 comments

Eklavya: but, who will guard you?

My personal opinion of the film is: if you’re a die-hard Amitabh fan then you may spend a few hundred bucks safely. but, if you don’t like to spend them unnecessarily on a movie, which is nothing more than a gala star cast, a brilliant Bachhan, clever packaging (running time is mercifully kept short; 107 mins) and just a few cinematic brilliances, then this is not the movie for you!! the problem with such long-concieved concepts like this one is that over the years the concept catches the rust and is bound to lose its shine. may be 4-5 yrs back this would have been a huge blockbuster. but not now. with waning popularity of Bachhan (with his off-screen political gestures not going down too well with the intellectual classes, and over exposure through ads, tv-shows and films…), it is a reality now that he wont be able to carry the film on his shoulders despite a fantastic individual act. another award, for sure, awaits him…

February 19, 2007 at 1:33 pm 10 comments



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