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Remembering Soumen, a dear friend

The last time we spoke, i remember myself taunting him showing a ‘L’ shaped gesture as i rushed to catch up my bus for hyderabad. he was really good at it, coming up with some poor jokes or flop shows, which we termed as ‘L’ aka Labodh. a few days later, when i was celebrating the diwali with a few pegs of rum at my residence in hyderabad, i was told that his body was lying somewhere in goa…

and today, he is exactly three years away from us, probably awaiting for a judgement at the kingdom of heaven. who cared? and who remembers?
we almost forgot because he doesnt bother to drop a fewlines any more; beacuse he ceased to exist in the present. but that’s the rule and i am too insignificant to challenge the almighty nature. we, the living ones, are too busy to forget things that dont have a mortal impact on our lives. but the irony is, we all will end up lying in that category someday!

so, what if i paused for a while to dig up the memories? nothing better will happen, i know. it’s easy to come up with a few lines that wud remind us of a guy called soumen. but this is not an obituary with some stone-hearted ‘1976 – 2003’ label. right? and i am not gonna tell you about him either. i know, he’s still remembered by a few. the guy who re-phrased his much known nick-name as ‘original juto’, was claimed by a merciless god, who loves to remind us that he ultimately runs the puppet show on his terms..

i remember soumen flashing his smiles all the time, sometimes like a fool running a ‘hee hee’ show.. but that’s how he was; a big hearted small guy who was always there when one needed.

but why i am writing all these? i am not too sure. to find sanctuary by venting out the sorrow of losing such a dear friend or encrypting a rememberance?? perhaps the both. my dear fren, you will always be there with us, we miss you a lot.


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a happy deepavali…

design by sameer
the office declared a ‘traditional day’ today on the eve of deepavali. the rule was represent your region with ethnic wears. i was asked to be a ‘babuMoshai’, but refused to entertain that since i feared about mishandling the ‘dhoti’ despite several years of experience in wearing that stuff! narendrapur days, i mean. so, i managed to do away with the printed kurta and jeans, and subsequently booed for not taking up the challenge. but that’s OK than looking extremely funny with knocha mara dhuti! but it was great fun watching people wear turbans, marathi warrior style wears, south indian lungi etc. had a good time…

doye, balle balle
the gr8 maratha warrior

October 20, 2006 at 10:41 pm 1 comment

navratri, durga puja – the END

there’s this last glimpse. and then she’s gone, under water, after entertaining ALL who visited her during these 4 days, minting money for the ones who banked on her, blessing ALL who sought her (spiritually and selfishly)..

this part of bidding goodbye was always beyond my comprehension though. i used to cry when i was a kid. till this day i wrench in pain at the sight – her being thrown in the water, watching her getting disappeared slowly under the water. the END always paints the sadness, the cruel disposal; that’s the rule, i know. even for a goddess, there’s no way out..

i feel the sametitude with these guys – i am not sure whether this is the welcome or the farewell ‘biroho’. doesnt matter – the feeling is real, u know!

Subho bijoya to all of you…

October 3, 2006 at 11:17 pm 1 comment

navratri, durga puja – day three

desperate to trash the loneliness at this festival environment, packed my bag and shot off for a trek at lonavala. took an early train to reach the place from pune. it was a random decision, which turned out to be a breather. not many times i choose to go out for a trek alone. but then this was a different time altogether. walked up the hills for an hour. beautiful weather, and some light drizzles. felt so happy out there, lonely amidst the greens and downstreams. peace. promised my fren to spend the afternoon at mumbai. so, after a few hours started heading for the expressway. was fortunate to catch a bus on the way and reached mumbai in the late afternoon. met uncle and aunty after a long time since we left school a good 12 yrs back.

thought of catching the puja actions in mubai in the evening. picked up DD and devarati from sivaji park and visited a few well-known puja joints. the atmosphere in RK Mission puja on Khar Road was the one that i liked most while the rest had all the commercial glitterings and buzzings. here are some of the pictures that i managed to capture thru my phone camera. forgot to take the batteries and my digiCam was of no use. 🙂 that’s the result one pays for making a sudden plan, i guess!! (more…)

October 1, 2006 at 11:49 pm 1 comment

navratri, durga puja – day two

woke up listening to the rain-drops. there’s this smell so familiar. but i cant remember. a blank inside. and then i remember, it’s Saptami. went to the balcony to feel the cold wind blowing over my face. my mind races back to the sound of those crowded pandals, dhaker awaz, the chants. but here i am, at pune, far far away from all that happenings. and i stared away at the hills distance away, watching the rain, the patch of garden at the backyard, fluttering of birds, smell of flowers – the nature soothed the pain. Felt better. Subho Saptami.

— shot with samsung hi8 digicam —

September 30, 2006 at 12:27 am 1 comment

Toogling with images…

See bigger image

See bigger image

See bigger image

do these pictures read anything different to you? probably NOT. some digitally dabbed / brushed celebrity photos, that’s what you must be thinking. right. but they are not exactly what u thinking. see the bigger image (click the images). you’ll see now that each of these images are made out of letters that form the individal name. for example,
the aishwarya (mistress of spices fame) image is made out of thousands of ‘aishwarya’ words, repeated linearly. CRAZY! that is.

but who’s that creative guy – obsessed with film-stars and celebrities?? Find out yourself, Here. and find out more on HOW he does it.

September 26, 2006 at 2:54 pm 1 comment

Calcutta rare photos – A collection from British era

recognize these photos? This collection is from a military photographer, Mr Claude Waddel, who was posted at calcutta during 1945-46. a rare collection, indeed. you can see the entire collection here

the old chowringhee

Chowringhee Street—Calcutta’s main throughfare, an amazing parade of fascinating sights and sounds. Every soldier who has trod its length retains memories of one of the most colorful and interesting streets in the world.

from top

this is not a google earth photo! Aerial view of Calcutta downtown. In upeer left background is Hindusthan building, U.S. Army HQ. The oldest part of the city starts at the esplanade and extends upwards. The city was founded in the early 1700’s. (more…)

September 21, 2006 at 3:57 am 45 comments



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