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Guru – the review

Though one expects “excellence” from the brand Mani Ratnam, the fim Guru doesnt disappoint either. to be honest, it captivates the viewers at times with some stunning cinematography, and some superbly played emotional scenes. the biggest selling point of the film is it’s story, drawn heavily from Dhirubhai Ambani’s life. and the master story teller sails well with his characters though it stumble a bit at the end. Abhishek is good, but copying father’s style at the end looks miserable and perhaps this last act drabs the film unlike the senior bachhan who pulled a lot of movies at the end by delivering some thundering performances. mithun seems to be a misfit to the character he plays. surprisingly, Ash delivers a strong act and impresses a lot. specially, after the umrao jaan debacle 🙂

the songs, saving one, are the liabilities that the story really suffer from. they are bad and totally out of sequence – a fact that a film-maker of mani ratnam’s calibre should have noted and saved the audience from the pain. may be censoring rehman is a tough job even though the tunes are anything but of quality. is it necessary to put up all those silly dancing grandeurs just for the sake of it? please sirrrr… 3 hrs is quite a long time!

All said and done, the film succeeds to hold you till the end with some roller coaster of emotions and an engaging story line. it’s worth all the dimes you invest. go watch!

January 13, 2007 at 12:40 am 3 comments



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