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Tsunami the Aftermath

tsunami the aftermath

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it was a sheer coincidence as i stumbled upon an article about the movie. Tsunami the Aftermath is a collaborative output of HBO and BBC, and was aired on HBO in two parts. it gives a good insight on the devastating Tsunami that left more than 200,000 people dead across twelve countries, of which one-third of the victims are believed to be children. this deadliest attack by nature left, god-knows-how-many, people homeless, still struggling to rebuild their lives.

Directed by Bharat Nalluri, an Indian born British director, the movie deals with a series of interweaving stories that took place just after the tsunami hit on the coast of Thailand — a couple who just lost their six-year old daughter; a mother of two children who lost her husband and struggling to save her badly injured son battling for life; a local boy who lost everything that he had, a social worker trying to help people but finding it hard to get through the diplomatic hassles; and two journalists reporting on the event, on the verge of unearthing a grisly conspiracy of land grabbing and gross ignorance.

A must watch!

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When books dripped blood: Virginia horror

A black day. the feedreader on my screen flashed the upcoming news at the bottom-corner, which i otherwise ignore; for some reasons my eyes fell upon and had them frozen for a while in a muted shock. An unknown assailant had gone on a rampage at Virginia Tech campus. and the news spread like an wild-fire on the internet; so much so that there’s already a long article up on Wikipedia giving a scene by scene account of the massacre. how quick, i thought. somewhere inside i cringed, having heard the gunshots that were fired thousands of miles away while i was sleeping peacefully, just a few hours ago. the footage is below…My condolence to the families who lost their dear ones. may god rest thy souls in peace.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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Namesake: brings you home

brings you homeNamesake is a journey that takes you through a bengali family’s (mainly through Gogol, the elder child, whose name forms the basis of his very existence and crisis in his relationships) emotional roller-coster as they try hard to blend into the American society. Jhumpa Lahiri’s award winning novel looks into the lives of two generations – the migrated parents and their americanised children; the problems and dilemmas they face to bridge the gap.

Mira Nair’s cinematic treatment makes this journey emotional and enjoyable but cant do full justice to the novel in its entirety. when the credits roll at the end, though you may relate to it, there’s this odd feeling of something missing. from a film-making perspective, the transitions are handled brilliantly, never letting the edges slip with the pace that sometimes goes a little too fast i thought. there are more than a few occassions that are bound to stay in your mind even long after the movie ends; the one when Ashoke (Irfan Khan) reveals to his son (Kal Penn) Gogol about the incident that changed his life and the reason the name Gogol, which clearly embarrases the son and haunts him everywhere; the moment when Gogol realizes what his father meant to him after his sudden demise. there are humors that make you laugh out loud, the harrowing sadness of loss, and sweet smell of love; all together in Namesake. it sinks deep under your skin urging you to look at things that we grossly undermine and ignore – the undying love and sacrifices of our parents. And that truly brings the sense of HOME back to you, all of a sudden.

Tabu and Irrfan clearly steal the show, while Kal Penn (Kumar & Harrolds fame), though he irks you sometimes with his open-mouth :), makes a decent effort. the movie has managed to amuse American audience; slowly moving up on the chart. with the cricket fever already gone, and a niche multiplex audience flocking back to the theaters, Namesake is poised to win hearts here too. A must watch.


Songs i liked:
Theme (instrumental)

Yeh Mera Deewanapan hai



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Just Married: hard to adjust!

Did Meghna Gulzar and Farhan Akhtar share a storyline that involved a few newly-wed couples, an old odd couple and a honeymoon journey with tweaks here and there over a coffee table chat? Jokes apart, while Farhan went out to produce a slick Honeymoon Travels, Gulzar came up with a less exciting Just Married.

So, if you’ve already watched HT, then JM has nothing much more to offer except for an out-of-context, hero-heroine-must-unite kind of ending, which actually threatens to take away all the little goodies from the movie. sure, All goes well that ends well! Just Married is an easy-going movie that tries to address the post marital agonies of newly marrieds. though it goes a little over here and there, it manages to flow well until the end. While Fardeen Khan surprises me with his first-ever good performance on screen, Esha Deol just manages to hang in within the level of viewers’ tolerance! among the supporing cast, Kiran Kher and Satish Kaushik as the odd old couple are excellent and garner the maximum laughter.

The songs, from Pritam’s stable, are the shining grace and thoroughly enjoyable. below are my favorites for you to listen.
Ram Milaye Jodi
Jaagte Raho

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Hattrick: cool tricks on a sticky pitch

the irony is that Hattrick, the movie set up at the backdrop of a frantic cricket craze and clearly marketed with the aim to cash in the worldcup fever, came on my way when Bangladesh, the so called minnows, was royally screwing up the indian crorepati cricketers!

Mithun Luthria, one of the new breed of indian filmmakers, who tries to be different, delivered a stunner in Taxi No 9211. the expectations were so high that Hattrick despite being good couldnt really live up to it. but then it isn’t lame either; it succeeded in addressing a few issues that billions of indians are asking today – why are we so besotted with this game? the doctor, who works tirelessly for saving thousands; the scientists who help the country in launching a satellite, and so many like them who contribute silently and make the real impact; do we even thank them? but we make those IDIOTS earn crores who are not even worth the adulations they get…

and just when you yawn thinking what the f*** is going on, Hattrick picks up the pace and takes you through a channel of provoking thoughts with its slick presentation and well nursed humors. on the music front, Pritam’s numbers were excellent and would surely make you shake your butts 🙂 so, leave the idiot-box and go watch; it really gives comfort at the time when the heart is burning from rage and the fists getting tightened to lash upon guru greg and his f***** chela Dravid & co.

Update: Such was the outrage from the viewers after the much hyped Team India crashed out of the WC, INOX in Pune, in a rare move, pulled off the movie in the middle of the week fearing backlash and damage in their premise. poor guys, who worked hard for the movie, my heart goes out to them for having suffered for no fault of theirs. it’s irony that the one despite making the right noise got buried under the increasing fury!

ek pal mein
rabba khair kare

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If Holi had no colors

What if you take the colors out of Holi? will we still call that a holi? watch out this little clip created by Code Red Films. and by the way, have a safe and happy Holi!!

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Traffic Signal: dont jump it

critically trashed; and true that it’s not for the ones, who prefer buying the colorful, and fantasy flavored bollywood pies. there are only a few movies that zoom into the dirty bags of the society and try to dig the up-front reality. Traffic Signal revolves around that corner, where the color is of black and grey. to me, it is a noble effort for a movie that deliberately keeps the pinks and reds away. set up in a documentary style, the camera simply pans the sreet-world of Mumbai suburbs, which crawls out of its nest in the broad daylight; find its livelihood around the traffic signals, where the city life takes a little break, albeit forcefully. it’s quite interesting to see the synchronized operations of these people, who would do anything for that every inch, which belongs to anybody and everybody – the roads, the streets. Armed with some real good performances by Ranveer Shorey, Konkona and the other little-knowns, Traffic Signal is a simple on-your-face story, which is worthy of your little time; So, stop over. and despite the hammerings by the critics, the movie has performed better than its big-budget peers; declared ‘Average’ in the latest Box-office reports, despite being surrounded by the big releases since it landed up on the theatres.

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