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Bheja Fry: i’m loving eat!

bhejafry the movie

Bored with your regular bollywood meals from the Johars and Chopras, who serve you the same old butter-chicken or paneer butter masala in varied formats, only changing plates and the glasses that you hardly notice? then it’s time you taste Sagar Bellary’s latest french cuisine with desi ghee-rice and plain daal.

it seems the story is heavily inspired from a French movie (doesnt annoy me; we’re hardly an innovative tribe) and that very fact has drawing lots of flaks from the eminent critics (again that’s hardly surprising). see these critics are like those testers whose focus is solely upon finding defects. But as a consumer, interested only in the take-away experience, who cares to find the technical / strategical flaws? leave them to the movie jurors to decide for the awards.

So, the movie works for me. for two simple reasons: a. it lets me laugh a lot without the cheap treatment of double-meaning jokes and stupid caricatures (am i sounding a bit intellectual here 🙂 ?) and b. engaging plot-outline and the stupendous performance of Vinay Pathak, who does full justice to the title giving a hair-raising experience to his tormentor in the film (Rajat Kappor), as well the audience who spilled the pop-corns everywhere.

So, HURRY, till the stock lasts and enjoy eating well-cooked and tasty BhejaFry. a pinch of salt more would’ve made it even better, but i’m not complaining…

q.jpg Tell me who should’ve partnered with ‘BhejaFry the movie‘ like an increasing number of corporates are using movie themes to promote their products (Tata-bus / Honeymoon Travels, Hero cycles / Guru)?

Mentos – dimag ki batti jala de… 🙂 could see a good opp to align their product here.

Music: My favorites 

April 18, 2007 at 6:06 pm 19 comments

Delhi Heights: ouch! it bites!

Delhi Heights

To consolidate a two-hour torturous filmi experience that Delhi Heights instilled on my soul, only a few words are worth the pain; A height of frustration, like that one handed rock-climber, who suddenly felt like scratching his **** while hanging from a rock! it was only the irreversible sadness of digging a hole in the pocket that refrained me from running away after the interval, reminding me how wise it would be to enjoy (atleast) a 2 hour free cooling in this hot summer… i felt nothing better than that rock climber, you know!

so, do you still expect me to write a review of a film that i only pretended to see? 🙂 the online versions are out already, figure out on your own if you’re really interested! they say that there lies an opportunity in every adversity; see if you could pull out one!! On that positive-finding note, here is one that may work. If you have never been to Delhi, then it may not be a bad idea to visually experience the city through a movie camera!

Rabbi’s songs are highly touted, but, except for this one (Tere Bin), they really fail to stand out!

Tere Bin
You can find the lyrics of the song here

April 3, 2007 at 11:44 pm 3 comments

Namaste London: Na-Ma-taste


Namastey London revolves around the characters of Jasmeet aka Jazz (Katrina Kaif), a highly pampered daughter of Mr and Mrs Manmohan Singh (Rishi Kapoor and Nina Wadia). Jazz despite her dad’s utter dislike wants to marry her thrice divorced English boss, Charlie Brown (Clive Standen) , a self-centred, bigoted, unpleasant fellow.

To get rid of such whimsical and no-brainer desire of her unrealistic daughter, Mr Singh plans a trip to India under the pretext of visiting motherland and long lost relatives. Singh, actually, intends to get Jazz married off to a desi cultured groom. But little did he know that he would have to meet a bunch of stupid wannabe grooms obsessed with Indian Idol, K-soaps and Numerology gurus. [source:]

Not really much to say about a film, which again pokes an ugly thought in me – why dont some people still realise that we’re really tired of those rotten naacha-gaana-rona-dhona-fir mil jaana, and everybody-knows-what type of movies? are they simply ignorant or over confident, thinking they can test the viewers’ patience and simply get away with it, raking the moolah at cinema-goers’ expenses. Sorry Mr Vipul Shah, but why dont you try your luck somewhere else, may be in Dubai?

And of-course when you see online versions arriving all over the web on the very 2nd day of a movie release, you must realize that it is already on its way to the theater managers’ disposal bins.

Music sounds good with a couple of numbers that i really liked.
Main Jahan Rahoon

Yahi hota hai pyar

March 27, 2007 at 10:26 pm 27 comments

Just Married: hard to adjust!

Did Meghna Gulzar and Farhan Akhtar share a storyline that involved a few newly-wed couples, an old odd couple and a honeymoon journey with tweaks here and there over a coffee table chat? Jokes apart, while Farhan went out to produce a slick Honeymoon Travels, Gulzar came up with a less exciting Just Married.

So, if you’ve already watched HT, then JM has nothing much more to offer except for an out-of-context, hero-heroine-must-unite kind of ending, which actually threatens to take away all the little goodies from the movie. sure, All goes well that ends well! Just Married is an easy-going movie that tries to address the post marital agonies of newly marrieds. though it goes a little over here and there, it manages to flow well until the end. While Fardeen Khan surprises me with his first-ever good performance on screen, Esha Deol just manages to hang in within the level of viewers’ tolerance! among the supporing cast, Kiran Kher and Satish Kaushik as the odd old couple are excellent and garner the maximum laughter.

The songs, from Pritam’s stable, are the shining grace and thoroughly enjoyable. below are my favorites for you to listen.
Ram Milaye Jodi
Jaagte Raho

March 20, 2007 at 1:06 pm 5 comments

Hattrick: cool tricks on a sticky pitch

the irony is that Hattrick, the movie set up at the backdrop of a frantic cricket craze and clearly marketed with the aim to cash in the worldcup fever, came on my way when Bangladesh, the so called minnows, was royally screwing up the indian crorepati cricketers!

Mithun Luthria, one of the new breed of indian filmmakers, who tries to be different, delivered a stunner in Taxi No 9211. the expectations were so high that Hattrick despite being good couldnt really live up to it. but then it isn’t lame either; it succeeded in addressing a few issues that billions of indians are asking today – why are we so besotted with this game? the doctor, who works tirelessly for saving thousands; the scientists who help the country in launching a satellite, and so many like them who contribute silently and make the real impact; do we even thank them? but we make those IDIOTS earn crores who are not even worth the adulations they get…

and just when you yawn thinking what the f*** is going on, Hattrick picks up the pace and takes you through a channel of provoking thoughts with its slick presentation and well nursed humors. on the music front, Pritam’s numbers were excellent and would surely make you shake your butts 🙂 so, leave the idiot-box and go watch; it really gives comfort at the time when the heart is burning from rage and the fists getting tightened to lash upon guru greg and his f***** chela Dravid & co.

Update: Such was the outrage from the viewers after the much hyped Team India crashed out of the WC, INOX in Pune, in a rare move, pulled off the movie in the middle of the week fearing backlash and damage in their premise. poor guys, who worked hard for the movie, my heart goes out to them for having suffered for no fault of theirs. it’s irony that the one despite making the right noise got buried under the increasing fury!

ek pal mein
rabba khair kare

March 18, 2007 at 3:26 pm 1 comment

Nehle pe Dehla: Stay FAR away!

nehle pe dehlaThere’s not even one positive thing that could emerge from this movie. looked like an old canned movie (most probably started long ago), resembling much to those typical david dhawan styled cheap Govinda starrers, which suddenly got pushed out of trash in a hope to cash in on the comedy trend that is sweeping viewers thesedays. while watching the movie, one may feel that the clock had somehow turned few years back, when you were used to watch those ssssilly ssssilly rich girl duped by uncle, saved by poor hero from bad guys, and lived happily there after stories with many ENGROSSING open field nacha-gaanas and blood boiling dhisoom-dhisooms. this post should thereby act as a satutatory warning to alert you on the possibility of being robbed of some precious and valuable time!

  • Why would someOne want to waste so much of money by producing such a crap? (maybe the dons do!)
  • SomeOne might have had a chaddi over his face while shooting? (that’s the only way once could produce such a shit; even Aslam bhai could do better!)

Even the music, except for this track is below mark and doesnt merit any attention!


March 12, 2007 at 7:08 pm 3 comments

Nishabd: a costly silence though…

As the curtains come down, one is left with an eerie silence; trying to overcome the uneasiness of a relation that is brilliantly etched by director Ramgopal Verma and superbly performed by Amitabh Bachhan. Nishabd is a bold attempt by every sense – specially its climax though it’s unlikely to find many takers among the mass. though one may find a few loopholes in the theme, the overblown and unrealistic Anything-but-Sexual kind of lust, this movie has all the trappings of a classic from the film-making point of view. What remains to be seen is, whether the public embraces it. To sum it up, Nishabd will get a thumbs-up from the thinking class, but unlikely to fare well in the box-office!

March 6, 2007 at 5:33 pm 6 comments

Honeymoon Travels: Join the ride

As bollywood is setting itself onto the experimental gear thesedays more frequently, here comes a movie that takes a peak into a web of relationships with a realistic approach. set up in the background of a honeymoon trip by some newly wed couples, the film explores the fantasies, complexities, and the challenges that lie inside the relationships and start to poke out the ugly heads from the very beginning of a married life. where it excels is the way it handles them. though there are a few things that the film could do without but over-all, it’s a good fun to watch. the film successfully creates a jolly-jovial, lively picnic kind of atmosphere that you’re bound to sink into. KayKay is outstanding with his perfect bong characterization, while Boman Irani’s wisecracks spill the laughters all around everytime you hear him. others too pitched in with laudable performances. So, rush in and join the ride!

Song i liked:
Saajanji vari vari

February 26, 2007 at 12:46 pm 3 comments

Traffic Signal: dont jump it

critically trashed; and true that it’s not for the ones, who prefer buying the colorful, and fantasy flavored bollywood pies. there are only a few movies that zoom into the dirty bags of the society and try to dig the up-front reality. Traffic Signal revolves around that corner, where the color is of black and grey. to me, it is a noble effort for a movie that deliberately keeps the pinks and reds away. set up in a documentary style, the camera simply pans the sreet-world of Mumbai suburbs, which crawls out of its nest in the broad daylight; find its livelihood around the traffic signals, where the city life takes a little break, albeit forcefully. it’s quite interesting to see the synchronized operations of these people, who would do anything for that every inch, which belongs to anybody and everybody – the roads, the streets. Armed with some real good performances by Ranveer Shorey, Konkona and the other little-knowns, Traffic Signal is a simple on-your-face story, which is worthy of your little time; So, stop over. and despite the hammerings by the critics, the movie has performed better than its big-budget peers; declared ‘Average’ in the latest Box-office reports, despite being surrounded by the big releases since it landed up on the theatres.

February 23, 2007 at 1:33 pm Leave a comment

Black Friday: the horror returns

Though heavily censored, this movie will shock your wits, freeze you in utter disbelief and for sure, will make you writhe in pain. Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday is an experience that you wont forget for a long time. it takes you back into the frozen time period, when mumbai went into flames a decade back. you’ll witness the facts as it happened and switch into a before-and-after mode seamlessly to understand the unravelling of the hidden TRUTHS. the movie offers no view of its own leaving you at a deep thought laced with an unexplicable emotion of loss, fear and rage. watch it and watch it again. if you cant find it in a theatre (that might be a possibility since the movie is bound to elude the box-office success), then try some web links 🙂

and the equally vibrant track by Indian Ocean, Arey ruk ja re bande is here.

[Photo source:]

February 20, 2007 at 11:48 pm 3 comments

Eklavya: but, who will guard you?

My personal opinion of the film is: if you’re a die-hard Amitabh fan then you may spend a few hundred bucks safely. but, if you don’t like to spend them unnecessarily on a movie, which is nothing more than a gala star cast, a brilliant Bachhan, clever packaging (running time is mercifully kept short; 107 mins) and just a few cinematic brilliances, then this is not the movie for you!! the problem with such long-concieved concepts like this one is that over the years the concept catches the rust and is bound to lose its shine. may be 4-5 yrs back this would have been a huge blockbuster. but not now. with waning popularity of Bachhan (with his off-screen political gestures not going down too well with the intellectual classes, and over exposure through ads, tv-shows and films…), it is a reality now that he wont be able to carry the film on his shoulders despite a fantastic individual act. another award, for sure, awaits him…

February 19, 2007 at 1:33 pm 10 comments

Salaam-e-ishq: no salaam though

planetbollywood.comSo here is Nikhil Advani with a big booty of bollywood glitteratti enlightening the screen; not blazing though. but the movie is surely a paisa-vasool type, with good crisscrossing btw its many number of characters. A fine balance is kept through out, which hold the movie together a-piece, just about managing the star cruiser to the harbor safely without losing the fun. reports on 31st Jan, 2007,

Salaam-E-Ishq was panned by critics and declared flop by the trade almost straight away but collections so far tell a different story. The film was released on around 200 cinemas on 25th January and opened to 60% response at multiplexes with single screens being 30%. The film picked up on Friday to record 85%+ at multiplexes and 65% at single screens through the weekend with Friday and Sunday being best days. The collections fell to around 50% at multiplexes on Monday but this does happen quite frequently to collections at multiplexes so only time will tell that is this the crash that the trade expected or just a regular post weekend drop. Mumbai and Delhi/UP saw best collections over the weekend and territories like CP Berar and Bihar which have just one multiplex between them were the poorest.

February 3, 2007 at 12:16 pm 7 comments

Guru – the review

Though one expects “excellence” from the brand Mani Ratnam, the fim Guru doesnt disappoint either. to be honest, it captivates the viewers at times with some stunning cinematography, and some superbly played emotional scenes. the biggest selling point of the film is it’s story, drawn heavily from Dhirubhai Ambani’s life. and the master story teller sails well with his characters though it stumble a bit at the end. Abhishek is good, but copying father’s style at the end looks miserable and perhaps this last act drabs the film unlike the senior bachhan who pulled a lot of movies at the end by delivering some thundering performances. mithun seems to be a misfit to the character he plays. surprisingly, Ash delivers a strong act and impresses a lot. specially, after the umrao jaan debacle 🙂

the songs, saving one, are the liabilities that the story really suffer from. they are bad and totally out of sequence – a fact that a film-maker of mani ratnam’s calibre should have noted and saved the audience from the pain. may be censoring rehman is a tough job even though the tunes are anything but of quality. is it necessary to put up all those silly dancing grandeurs just for the sake of it? please sirrrr… 3 hrs is quite a long time!

All said and done, the film succeeds to hold you till the end with some roller coaster of emotions and an engaging story line. it’s worth all the dimes you invest. go watch!

January 13, 2007 at 12:40 am 3 comments

this umrao can take your jaan!

this evening i donated my share of money to a griefstricken, sobbing aishwarya. and in exchange she agreed to perform a few mujras exclusively for us! TRUE. i was in the inox kothi among those few lucky 10-20 people; sipping coke (instead of sharab, popcorn instead of paan) and watching her perform. she begged us for not expecting anything since she had already given everything to abhishek (viveik and salman too). we understand, Ms Rai, your wafa.

yeah, that was all about Umrao Jaan, which opened today across the country. now, i can relate to the producer who desperately needed something else to bring the initial crowd to this 180 mins full of crap; a rumor. but nothing could work. everything about this film is horrible, and since i am also not much interested to waste any more time on it, i agree to STOP. period and over.

Rekha in the old Umrao. Ash claims that she didnt even see the movie fearing an influence. if only she would now!

November 4, 2006 at 12:58 am 3 comments

Don surfaces on youTube!

It seems that our new DON has nowhere to go!! After being thrashed out of boxOffice quite misrably, the DON has now taken refuge in a tube, moving surreptitiously in the under(web)world! but a little bird, soon unearthed his new avtaar – the tubeDon 🙂 hhheyyy hhoooo heeee, catch him soon before they kick him out of the tube sphere too. HURRY!! 🙂

October 30, 2006 at 11:44 pm Leave a comment



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