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Bheja Fry: i’m loving eat!

bhejafry the movie

Bored with your regular bollywood meals from the Johars and Chopras, who serve you the same old butter-chicken or paneer butter masala in varied formats, only changing plates and the glasses that you hardly notice? then it’s time you taste Sagar Bellary’s latest french cuisine with desi ghee-rice and plain daal.

it seems the story is heavily inspired from a French movie (doesnt annoy me; we’re hardly an innovative tribe) and that very fact has drawing lots of flaks from the eminent critics (again that’s hardly surprising). see these critics are like those testers whose focus is solely upon finding defects. But as a consumer, interested only in the take-away experience, who cares to find the technical / strategical flaws? leave them to the movie jurors to decide for the awards.

So, the movie works for me. for two simple reasons: a. it lets me laugh a lot without the cheap treatment of double-meaning jokes and stupid caricatures (am i sounding a bit intellectual here ­čÖé ?) and b. engaging plot-outline and the stupendous performance of Vinay Pathak, who does full justice to the title giving a hair-raising experience to his tormentor in the film (Rajat Kappor), as well the audience who spilled the pop-corns everywhere.

So, HURRY, till the stock lasts and enjoy eating well-cooked and tasty BhejaFry. a pinch of salt more would’ve made it even better, but i’m not complaining…

q.jpg Tell me who should’ve partnered with ‘BhejaFry the movie‘ like an increasing number of corporates are using movie themes to promote their products (Tata-bus / Honeymoon Travels, Hero cycles / Guru)?

Mentos – dimag ki batti jala de… ­čÖé could see a good opp to align their product here.

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April 18, 2007 at 6:06 pm 19 comments

Nehle pe Dehla: Stay FAR away!

nehle pe dehlaThere’s not even one positive thing that could emerge from this movie. looked like an old canned movie (most probably started long ago), resembling much to those typical david dhawan styled cheap Govinda starrers, which suddenly got pushed out of trash in a hope to cash in on the comedy trend that is sweeping viewers thesedays. while watching the movie, one may feel that the clock had somehow turned few years back, when you were used to watch those ssssilly ssssilly rich girl duped by uncle, saved by poor hero from bad guys, and lived happily there after stories with many ENGROSSING open field nacha-gaanas and blood boiling dhisoom-dhisooms. this post should thereby act as a satutatory warning to alert you on the possibility of being robbed of some precious and valuable time!

  • Why would someOne want to waste so much of money by producing such a crap? (maybe the dons do!)
  • SomeOne might have had a chaddi over his face while shooting? (that’s the only way once could produce such a shit; even Aslam bhai could do better!)

Even the music, except for this track is below mark and doesnt merit any attention!


March 12, 2007 at 7:08 pm 3 comments



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