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this blog has long been silent. The sabbatical seems far too stretching. No time for movies, u mean to say? commented one fellow movie lover. Naah. it’s just the impure feeling of lyaad (lethargy).

So, i was out surfing again, and after a while, found this new kid on the block: uhh aah. On a first glance, it seemed like an indian version of Imdb, but after playing a bit, the fun starts. Inspired by Imdb, the site, it seems, intend to provide a robust platform for the movie lovers to meet and share anything and everything on movies. It has started with a very comprehensive database on Hindi and Bengali movies, and if their objectives are to be believed then truly could be the first total Indian movie poratal covering every language a film is made in the country. The site is just a new-born, and has a lot of scope for improvement.

Found a web viral on youtube too. it’s funny 🙂

Here is what Mid-day has to say about the site. What could seperate out gomolo with its close rivals is its  focus to develop a strong network of people around the well-researched content. the site also has a handful of quality articles, which the real movie buffs would find very useful. They should soon start reward schemes for contributions to lure people to join. it’s interesting to see how they can create a niche for themselves in the age of orcut and facebooking. will they too join the trend of self-integration with orcut/facebook? their ‘movie locator’ app could surely be the one to start with.


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Aneek Dhar: the musical prodigy…

He’s only 18, but Aneek Dhar is already a singing sensation / wonder boy, who was discovered at a popular talent show “Saregamapa”. At this age, he seems to be at par with the leading singers in the country, if not ahead. I wish him all the best. he’s simply spectacular!!

To be honest, i am in total awe with this talent; below is a compilation of his performances on the Show (in a chronological order).


September 11, 2007 at 12:55 am 26 comments

Shivaji exhibition eyes Guinness entry…

A unique exhibition, which brings alive around 250 forts captured by King Shivaji from the Mughals in the 16th century, has been thrown open in Pune… The organisers RajaShivaji.Com said the `Guinness Book of World Records’ will be taking note of the event as it has surpassed all earlier photo exhibitions in respect of the pictures put on display.

[source: Hindustan Times]

By the way, it has nothing to do with the current public rage from the stable of another Shivaji (Rao Gaekwad), the southern emperor – Rajnikanth’s ‘Sivaji: The boss‘!

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June 29, 2007 at 4:45 pm 3 comments

A little wonder named Connie…

How old is she? only SIX years, and she has created a storm on the merit of her incredible performance in the Talent-hunt contest. i was literally in tears watching her singing before a huge crowd. Simon, the Shark, too was melted and dropped his jaws after this sweet little thing stunned the audience with her power packed voice. See for yourself, and i promise, there may be a drop of tear too in your eyes…

and this reminded me of our own little star Abhrakanti, who blew up the audience in Zee Saregamapa contest a year ago…

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Youtube’s first full-length legal movie

Foureyedmonsters‘ is the first full-length legal feature film to be uploaded on YouTube! Arin Crumley & Susan Buice, from NewYork city, who created the film wrote on their Vlog..

Our project started small, just the two of writing each other notes and sending each other videos. Then it evolved into us creating a feature length film about our story. Then we extended the story in the form of online episodes we’ve posted here on our youtube page. Next we plan to post more episodes and hope to eventually make another larger project.

(Thanks Arin and Susan) i thoroughly enjoyed this work. i hope you (readers) too will like it…

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American Blend

IMDB Profile | Genre: Family dramma | Directed by Varun Khanna

Raj (Anupam Kher), an Indian immigrant to Los Angeles, runs a family restaurant – ‘Bollywood’ with the help of his American wife Jaymee (Dee wallace Stone) and his three children Vijay, Maya and Nikki. Jaymee is a Katthak dancer, who trains girls on Indian classical dance. theirs is a closely knit family with a traditional Indian family values. that is, until, one fine day, Raj & Jaymee discloses a closely guarded secret to their children. everything that they saved over the years, ostensibly, starts falling apart…

Honestly, i have grown a flair of these small independent movies that usually go un-noticed from the main-stream. unlike the quintessential bollywood flicks, these movies dont try to sell the fantasy in a much percieved way that we have fed over the years. the realism is a core part of them. American Blend, though fail to grow beyond the ordinariness, is something that emits a positivism. it’s vibrant and meaningful. i liked the scene where they mix the kathak with tap dancing. that was really good. performances, however, are average. but nevertheless, you’d not regret to watch American Blend that delivers a feel-good, jolly-jovial experience on-a-whole.

For a detailed review, read this.

Music: my fav Songs

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A stick-master and his obedient balls :)

huh, u thought i’m indulging in debauched language of obscenity? 🙂 watch out for yourself…

April 27, 2007 at 5:30 pm 1 comment

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