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Life in metros: little tips on Bangalore

Moving across the cities and taking abodes in different environment as your job handles you like a pin, pulling out and in of the map at whims, is something that one cant avoid thesedays as the corporate world is crushing all the geographical travesties. so, being a part of the caravan you too sail along. it has its charms. knowing different people, different culture makes you much richer intellectually and enhances one’s adaptiveness to different situations. but it’s not really easy to get adjusted though. you face an uphill task to tune yourself to the local attitude, which is like totally alien to you. it’s important that you know these little tid-bits of the place that you’re moving to. so, i thought of sharing these little pieces out of my living experiences in some of the indian cities. In this write-up, i will discuss Bengalooru (formerly Bangalore), since this is the city that is so close to my heart though i dont live there anymore. In the following series, i will try to zoom-in onto the other cities like hyderabad, kolkata, pune, mumbai, and delhi.

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India has changed so much from the time i first landed there. not going into these much known facts, let’s start with the basic things that one needs to know to make a start; things you must know:

Dont trust the Auto-rickshaws if you are yet to be familiar with the place; most of the guys know hindi/eng but may pretend to communicate in local language to make a killing, if you give an impression that you’re a newcomer. if in doubt, ask people on the road, who speak english. dont let the auto guy converse. you may be tricked. police, in general, is to be avoided except officer ranking personnels, since most of the bottom layers are yet to come in terms with modernisation 🙂 (more…)


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