Short, short and shorter – the desi woes!

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it’s a big opportunity for companies in enlargement business to make a fortune in india. no joke; it’s official. a report published by indian medical council says that 60% of indian penile size fall short more than an inch from the international size specifications, as used by the condom manufacturers!! a good 30% of desi bones are even two inch shorter!!!! here is the report that may see some Sachar commitee being set up for an internal probe. 🙂 After all it may tike a little shine off the gr8 indian diaspora; and what about a few quotas Mr Arjun Singh, for penially weaker sections of the society?

Condoms designed to meet international size specifications are too big for many Indian men as their penises fall short of what manufacturers had anticipated, an Indian study has found.

However, In every distress, lies an opportunity; and that’s the USP of many business fortunes thesedays. the shady programs that offer some guaranteed inch gains promising you to make like those pornstars you watch atleast once a week during the weekend, are optimistic and see this as a perfect growth-area to push their business! so, you may soon see ads for painless pills, thanda thanda magic oils, 10-tricks-to-grow-your-thing books appearing everywhere starting from your inbox to the favorite sites (matrimonial sites will be the most potential targets) you visit.

After the initial market warm-ups, there will be a few ground breaking Dr Patras (penile Batras) clinics setting foot onto your cities. A thorough 3 months program, followed by a certificate will certainly boost your manhood. you may be asked to produce them in your matrimonial profile in the future (obviously, it will be a pay-per-request service; so, dont worry). your potential bride may well seek a proof knowing now that their male counterparts are falling short of STANDARDS!

the pathbreaking business success will lure more players into the market with smarter technologies. by now, condom 2.0 packs will be coming with size specifications like your innerwears do. so, you can comfortably pick up the one that fits you perfect from your near-by wal-mart store. No hassles. No slip-ups as the report suggests.

“One of the reasons for a failure of up to 20 per cent (of condoms) is the association of the size of the condom to the erect penis,”

Gajodhar! ey gajodhar, paanch number nikal ke do saab ko! … paanch khatam ho gaya?? five A nikal fir.. koi tension nahi ssaab, comfort fit hoyega, befikar raho aap.

Saat number???? nahi hai saab, demand nahi hai. aab sab chhota chal ra hai market me. chahiye toh manga na padega. kaal parsu aaiye.“

then they will invade your idiot box too. the late-night hot movies will be the perfect pick-ups like the condom ads in the 80s.. or maybe even bolder telebrands ads. you’ll see a pseudo soap-opera celebrity telling you how he could save his marital bliss by enrolling for Dr Patra’s program; and also gleefully offering you a free kamasutra book for every subscription!

“main shadi ke pehle padesan tha. mera raat ka neend ud gaya tha. kya main apna honewali patni ko khush rakh paunga. fir maine ek dost ko apna problem bataya.”

[the flashback of the meeting]

usne mujhe Dr Patra ke bare me bataya. mujhe biswas nahi hua. firvi maine ekdin visit kiye

[the walk-thru of the clinic here]

doctors ne mujhe samjhaye ki yeh mamuli problem hai. maine unki program me shaamil ho gaye

[a wedding scene is shown with the model’s smiling face]

aaj mai bahut khush hoon; thanks to Dr Patras

[the voice over now]

jeen haan, Dr Patra laaye hain ek advut aviskar….

[the gyan with visual demo continues..]

meanwhile, check if yours fits with the ones currently available. if it slips, time to visit the Patras (penile Batras). for the entrepreneurs, i have just given you a sure shot success tip.

Interested parties, do contact for partnerships!


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