India story: at the crossroad of reform and failure

November 2, 2006 at 7:30 pm Leave a comment

There’s perhaps no bigger frustration than watching the surroundings around you entering into a terrible chaos. You feel strangulated and helpless, hoping for a miraculous intervention; but you know it’s not likely to be. The urban and rural India alike are going through a tremendous undercutting growth path; both good and evil.

A rapid growth of economy bullied by a huge pool of talents has been gradually putting
India on a center map of the world. The force is feared, taunted and hailed at the same time – something that the world knows is a key factor in the way the world shapes ahead. Domestically, the paradigms are getting rewritten with a few visionaries leading from the front. Many non IT sectors like civil, agriculture have also started to blossom. Most importantly, the work culture has drastically changed with the infusion of young people. A recent survey says that more than 70% of the entire Indian work force is below 35 and that certainly is drawing more comp
anies on its landscape. There’s a positive under current in this changing framework, overlooking it will be foolish for even a hardcore skeptical.

On the other hand, it is also witnessing a clear unrest and desperation by a few sections that do not endorse the change for their own good. While the watchful youth pressing for a transparent and accountable system, the scared politicians are determined to hold onto the obscure, aged system that allows them to go scot free at their own will. It’s not that they don’t see the waves of change, but the more they realize, the more they are desperate.

It’s heartening to see judiciary is taking up a few cases as an after effect of the power demonstration by the mass media, but that’s not even enough. Do we always need to scream to get justice for somebody? What about the police system? Ha ha. Kaunsa system bhai? It’s not hard to believe that this is something that got infested by a deadly virus. From top to bottom, the decay has left the structure waiting to be tumbled violently sooner than we may think. Be it the top level chiefs or the bottom feeds, they are the masked demons. They charge infants for dacoity, sleeps at police stations in full day time, unscrupulously transfers anybody who try to be honest, frame innocent man for personal vengeance, threatens to beat up seniors if they are assigned any duty – everything that a healthy mind cant perceive. I have not even mentioned bribes!

So, you’ll continue to hear horrible stories of law-and-order failures, be it the open-and-shut murder case of Jessica lall, the mass rape n murder of a village girl by an entire community, or a boy getting beheaded as a religious sacrifice by his own relatives and so many… money power and political clouts get the culprits go scot free while innocents and poor are framed for official records.

Then you have people like Jethmalanis, who believe that they know everything about murder, rape and such non-serious, fun type crimes. So, they apprehend everybody from cops to public for making manu sharma guilty. Or the senile Arjun Singh – who can even lick a donkey’s ass to get it vote for congress. Skewing up a figure that doesn’t exist and reserving quotas which will, in reality, be up for sale at magistrate offices; fake certificates, obnoxious declaration will increase the cash-flow of the babus. Right? Who will cry when you die Mr. Arjun Singh?

And now the jewel in the crown is the issue of reservation for minorities. Lets be ready to see a beeline of politicos out there to milk the minority vote-bank. With a max upper limit of 50% for all reservations, as delineated by supreme court, (the current percentage is 55%, thanks to ruling congress), where from this will come? May be laloo and mulayams along with their secular CPM half-brothers will push for another 40%, leaving 5% for general class. This country is sure heading for a delirium! Kauno chinta nahi hai burrrrbak! Instead of working at grass root level to bring education, the thinking heads are happy to do the patch works that have every possibility to take this country into a violent civil war, eliminating all the progressive milestones that are being achieved.

Boasting a figure of 400,000 geeks every year alone, we have all the potential to become the knowledge hub of the world. The world perceives a pool of talents that have high quality education and technical expertise. Now, with reservations everywhere, the quality will come down significantly, and ultimately fading out the credentials that we have managed to achieve so far. Good work done.

Why not a presidential rule for a few years? Or else, what the external enemies could not do to us, this country will be split in pieces by this bloody men in white. I see the same resonance of frustrations everywhere, thousands of posts – but I wonder if this will lead to any change. Venomous words will be spewed, frustrations will be scripted but then? May be it’s the time we hit the road and get our hands dirty. Any ideas?


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