Video Ads, the new tyrants?

October 24, 2006 at 3:25 pm Leave a comment

with google gobbling up youTube for an astronomical amount, and yahoo aquiring Jumpcut, one can sense an aggressive market consolidation happening over the online video space. the game is far from over yet with mushroom like growth of video sharing sites everyday. but what for? i wonder. there are already millions of posts on the blogosphere over copyright issues and stuff. most believe that google can now start monopolise advertising on the online media space with more than 70% market share. this already sent a fear wave among many spines. why?

Google is steadily realizing its unflinching objective to control the world’s content (information) and then use that content of others to its own strategic and profit objectives while determining how it is made available, stored, manipulated, accessed…

but how, u certainly will ask. Google makes a duplicate copy of the entire content of each Web page it crawls for indexing and then keeps the copy it created, and subsequently controls, within its own storage facilities. also, if you’re a gmail user, you’ve given google the full right to archive your personal and business communications on third-party servers of which you’ve no access. sounds scary? after all, the google says,

we are in the search business, so we need all of the information…ultimately our goal at Google is to have…all the world’s information.

google also defines ‘world information’ as a consolidation of personal information!!

Now back to the potential menace of these online generated videos powered by adsense, you’ll soon start seeing video advertising everywhere (news site, mail box, blogs, all). that’s a bit scary. simply put, you will have to bear with a video ad everytime you load a page. mind you, these videos are non interactive, which means that they wont offer you any controls like ‘Pause’ or ‘stop’. they will simply scream on your face, everytime you decide to visit the page. on the desi front, rediff has already started experimenting with such video ads on some of their pages, and embedding some idiotic audio podcasting into its site. it’s irritating. you cant complain though. Free content has a price now.

I have put up a sample. see this; you’ll have an idea how frustrated a viewer can be with such videos being played on your fav pages with out having any options to control them!
so, to avoid these terror objects, one must make habit of using RSS feeds, i guess. Get yourself a feedreader and compile your favorite site feeds there. that, for the time being, may save your skin. feeds are basically xml driven, and the good thing is that they usually dont include the media elements. but the problem is, one can publish the feeds with only small content. in that case, we are back to the square one as you must go to the page for viewing the full content. so, until a better solution is found, u may have to live with the menace.


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