Remembering Soumen, a dear friend

October 24, 2006 at 11:50 am Leave a comment

The last time we spoke, i remember myself taunting him showing a ‘L’ shaped gesture as i rushed to catch up my bus for hyderabad. he was really good at it, coming up with some poor jokes or flop shows, which we termed as ‘L’ aka Labodh. a few days later, when i was celebrating the diwali with a few pegs of rum at my residence in hyderabad, i was told that his body was lying somewhere in goa…

and today, he is exactly three years away from us, probably awaiting for a judgement at the kingdom of heaven. who cared? and who remembers?
we almost forgot because he doesnt bother to drop a fewlines any more; beacuse he ceased to exist in the present. but that’s the rule and i am too insignificant to challenge the almighty nature. we, the living ones, are too busy to forget things that dont have a mortal impact on our lives. but the irony is, we all will end up lying in that category someday!

so, what if i paused for a while to dig up the memories? nothing better will happen, i know. it’s easy to come up with a few lines that wud remind us of a guy called soumen. but this is not an obituary with some stone-hearted ‘1976 – 2003’ label. right? and i am not gonna tell you about him either. i know, he’s still remembered by a few. the guy who re-phrased his much known nick-name as ‘original juto’, was claimed by a merciless god, who loves to remind us that he ultimately runs the puppet show on his terms..

i remember soumen flashing his smiles all the time, sometimes like a fool running a ‘hee hee’ show.. but that’s how he was; a big hearted small guy who was always there when one needed.

but why i am writing all these? i am not too sure. to find sanctuary by venting out the sorrow of losing such a dear friend or encrypting a rememberance?? perhaps the both. my dear fren, you will always be there with us, we miss you a lot.


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