What’s after google?

June 5, 2006 at 3:25 am Leave a comment

It’s often said, if you have got past Google then you’ve found the end of Internet. how TRUE it seems to me sometimes. but is it?

Here is a tweaky plot…

“Future search engine technology will be either…Roman or Anarchistic. 🙂 The first will be run in a rigid, structured digital environment by a bunch of faceless Web-bureaucrats whose only concern is revenue and power. But you won’t get any viruses ’cause they’ll pre-emptive-strike anybody who tries to transmit one. The latter will be run by a mob of social malcontents whose engine operates on some “irratic logic” theory and whose search results make no sense to anyone, even them, but looks really cool.

Both will be equally terrible because objectivity will be removed from the english language altogether. None of them will be able to handle the sheer volume and pace of information they either inherited or retrieve daily. Even if they do, think of the horrendous errors that will occur in a micro-second if they fail to deliver the correct information.

It gives me a headache to think about it.History is a ringer.”

but then, what’s really after Google??SE that gives me simple search options before I start…such as… filter information vs commerce…before I start a search, I will have an option to pick I am looking for 1. information or 2. to buy stuff (i.e.)…when I pick information option, I don’t want ads trying to sell me something…if the ads were offering more information venue, I am all for it. Too often information and commerce sites are piled into a same SERP…I understand that the search term could go either way…but since I know what I want at the moment of search, I would like to have an option to filter my results.

I am hoping Ask.com (gah…long live the butler!!!!!) would do something like this..

Also, Yahoo has something like this (tiny index mind), called mindset. and now, with their latest AvantFind search, things look tough for google too. It’s fairly alright and tells you how much towards each catagory is (commerce or info). As far as I know, Yahoo’s the only one to do this, not even the big G..

Now, the new kid on the block – ‘Quintura Search’ claiming it Google’s replacement. Well, no tool can replace Google’s index but Quintura can become Google’s interface. it has a tag based search option which gives a better optimal results, i was told. however, it looks promising at the moment. Additionally you can make search via other search engines too. so, do we call it a compiler of results rather than an ingenious engine?

Try out, i would recommend. (Download Quintura)

Authored by Amitava Bhattacharya for ndp93blogs


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