Journey to gokarn

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You may never imagine what it takes when a few old pals regroup themselves for a wild weekend trip. sply when the destination to be is equally unknown with only a few pieces of information available. so, when we started for GOKARN, a 12 hours drive from bangalore, we were basically banking on hopes armed with kulti’s multiple assurance and dhamondas’s 2 page print-out, which wud rather scare us as it tells you what a spiritual site that place is! the hearts sank and so did kulti’s chance of coming back as prodipto was determined to dedicate his roommate to the sea-god in case the place turns out to be a flop! bhnuri alias adhikari was given the role of the predator while kulti was the unanimous choice for the victim’s! and our other organsier guha was however left untouched as size really does matter for the lesser mortals. suvrodeep ray, a living symbol of peace and integrity, soon fell to a deep slumber after a brief stop for food and pegs. originaljuto too was subjected to a prolonged ragging for his over-excitement! but something happened! … when kulti took the co-pilot’s seat (the seat beside the driver) at the wee hours of midnite, we realised that a LEGEND was born.

on the way..

15th august: woke up in a rain-soaked morning with lush green stretched to the infinity on both sides of us. couldnt resist ourselves to have a brief photo-session. still long way to go. our bus sped off thru the hilly roads again. meanwhile kulti was severely reprimanded for trying to bore us with some third-grade ghazals. the tagore superceded as the morning mood invoked a bangaliyana among us. by the time we reached the place it was 12. the fact is, we came to know that this place is only 3and1/2 hrs from goa. though a hotel was booked for us, a massive hunt had to be done for a beach-side hotel. the sight of too many temples gave a knee jerk and we swore that we wudnt visit any of them. our self-appointed leader kulti informed that there is a wonderful hotel on the beach and partly in the sea supported by pillars. hoooraaaah! the hunt begun as we already visualised ourselves sipping bacardi in the middle of the sea!! after a few mins of ride we finally located our dream hotel, on the top of a hill overlooking the sea on the far-off horizon!! pillars, sea…??? wait. the shock wasnt over! the hotel looked like a haunted place, cats coming out everywhere. when we approached a handful of persons residing there, a horrible look appeared on their faces; looked to me as if we r mad or what?? PRBM was furious, agar bas chale to kulti ko wohi se fek de niche! the 1st L of the trip was registered. remember the “L dewa” in those ndp days? it suddenly reappeared. and that was just the beginning. the L factor wud dominate our coming days ahead…

we fled from the scene asap with leaving a dream on that top of the hill. hotel “mayura samudra” wud haunt kulti for a while, i am sure. so, we had no option but to go back to our already booked hotel “Gokarn International”. it was quite a good one, i must say and boosted a lot of enthu among the boys as we later found some kochi bong mamonis also anchored here. couple of hours later, after a refreshing bath and hogging a large chunk of food in the downtown restaurant, we headed for our 1st destination point, the temple beach. though the rain tried to pose a threat, we walked past a bunch of temples and reached to the drenched white sand beach.

an old house..

a few “long terms” were spotted as our popped up eyeballs searched for more. well, the “long term” is our given codename to the foreigners who are believed to be the majority of the tourists here in this place. the ratio,as we found later is a staggering 80% !! fondly called as ‘hippy’s den’, the gokarn tempted us so much for the elusive white skinned babes that bhnuri was seen asking every local farmers n fishermen to hook a few for us. but that almost lead us to something else, the alarming drug scenario in the region. supported by the need of the hippys. this place , as we discovered, is having a booming business in drugs/heroines. u wud find hundreds of used syringes at the beach side and cud even get a fresh piece at as low as 40 rupees.

futball time

we walked far more deep to the other side of the beach which was less crowded and a beautiful landscape. tried old skills in futball too. but a 30 mins of play on the beach was too much for most of us and people thought it wud be wise to play throw-ball in water. after spending a memorable few hours on the beach, we decided to return to the hotel when the dark set in. on the way, few more “long term” babes were spotted which boosted our hope to a new height.

the evening is dead in such a remote place. so, we decided to contain ourselves to the vodka that we stocked in ample at bangalore. the dinner was a huge turn-off. by the time we went 4 dinner, everything was over…bhnuri, who eats 2 kg of meat along with 20 chapathis or 45 luchis (not exaggerated, its a fact) was so pale that we felt so sorry for him. anyway, the fluent kannad speaking kulti saved us from the pain as the manager agreed to serve us a few items. and in the night, me and bhnuri roamed around the hotel corridors to spot the kochi mamonis. but the effort turned out to be a futile one as they had already gone in hiding seeing the sheer sizes striding around (we encountered them in the restaurant)!

sleeping time

16th august: it was raining again in the morning. we had 4 destinations for today. the om beach, which looks like an “OM” from top of the hill, and the kutle, paradise and half-moon. these beaches are a little far away, our hotel manager informed, and we wud have to go down for 1.5 kms thru the rocks to reach the beach. the smell of adventure was electrifying. we headed for OM. the journey wasnt a armchair ride as our driver saab had to struggle quite a bit to drive thru the narrow and wet hilly roads. the landscape was stunning. the blue, green and the stony brown blended so superbly with the fresh water-drops. you have to see to believe my words. after a 20 mins ride, we had to stop our bus as we reached at the top of the hill that forms 2 beaches on either side of it. “om” at left and “kutle” at right. my oh my, what a beauty that was. our photographers dhamondas and suvro were busy looking for spots to capture the best out of it. the panaromic view of the sea from the top was mind blowing. after moving a little further, we found the way to the beach, a 1and 1/2 km stretch of downhill; the rocky path was not far from risky, but that wudnt stop us anyway. it was “om” that we 1st headed for. a huge no of long terms anchored here as this is the most beautiful spot of the entire horizon. after a few mins of body-warming futball session we jumped into the water and it wasnt before atleast 3 hours that we sought a relocation. the entire landscape is so calm and serene. it was the most peaceful and beautiful beach i have ever seen. probably better than goa. meanwhile suvro brought a few bottles of beer from the nearby hippy’s den (a small villa where the foreigners stay for months). a big ass boudi with a lil’ ass saathi appeared out of the blue. do i have to mention that this wet big ass was the toast of the remaining period of time we stayed on the beach?

beer hunters..

the next target on our list was kutle beach. though we spotted the beach from the top, nobody was sure how to reach the place. there was no way we cud see. the way to the top from the beach was the toughest part of the entire journey. only after a terrible struggle (me, guha sply) we reached to the bus-spot. the food which we brought was vainshed within a few mins as we felt the stomach aching for more. we thought we wud better go back to the hotel for a proper lunch, though some of us were more eager to go to kutle immediately. but the force of nature prevailed as we headed downwards to the hotel. the kutle invasion was set for the afternoon slot.

om beach

finding the way to kutle was a challenging task. the multi-linguistic kulti had to stretch himself dealing with the villagers. after a prolonged confusion, a glimpse of hope re-appeared on his face. we had no other choice but to follow the legendary man from kulti. when a narrow downhill path, surrounded by thick forest was found, that just might lead us to the beach, kulti became unbearable with his proud smile. however we had to bear that inhuman teasing smile…

kutle was worth the effort we pumped in. and soon we found that we were the only ones on that entire piece of land. and the sea was profound here. afterawhile our loneliness were broken by 3 long term couples. they seemed to come out of nowhere. we guessed they stay at the nearby huts lent to them by the farmers. the bikini clad ladies joined us in exploring the sea (maintaining a safe distance though). it was so amazing to be there on that small piece of land, surrounded by the hills and sea and all that belonged to us for the moment. the rain started pouring in. we had to move out as the rain was a potential threat on the way back. suddenly darkness loomed large on the horizon and rain started hammering on the rocks. we headed back towards the hotel. a peacock crossed our road, bidding us the goodbye perhaps! mind went blank as we remembered that our weekend was suddenly over.

17th august: according to the plan, we started our journey back home around 4 o’clck in the night. on the route is jog falls, the tallest water falls in india, our last destination point. the route to jog falls was amazing with a beautiful mountaineous landscape on both sides of us. after a 3 hours of wild ride thru the hilly road, we finally reached at jog falls. the sight was overwhelming with many water-streams coming from all corners and falling from 1000 ft height. which means that to reach to the down-stream, we need to walk down 1000 ft?? the very thought was stammering enough to call it quit as we decided to enjoy the landscape from the top. but dhamon and juto were determined to go down. while they went ahead with their down-slide journey, we settled ourselves inside a small tea-stall almost hanging from a slice of rock that gives you the most beautiful view of the falls. and so started our endless wait. and finally when the duo came back after 2 hours, we started for home with a loadful of memories and drooling eyes that cud see ourselves back to the so called “thor-bori-khara, khara-bori-thor” life again 24 hrs later… on the way to jog falls

on the wayback to hyderabad that evening, i was overwhelmed by the nostalgia that swept all over my mind. these 3 days were whizzed past so fast that it was over before i cud realize. we spent some wonderful time together that will linger in my mind forever. this write-up, by no means can capture the whole essence of our trip. the leg-pulling of each other, talking endlessly abt the ndp days, the hostel life were so fun. dhamna’s recall of those hard-hitting by arunda which he believed were blessings to his students, kulti’s thrashing at the hand of mridulda, juto’s unlimited ‘L’s…all were part of this trip. if told, this write up wud have been a mini novel by this time. suvrodeep’s amazing capability of sleeping or unusual threats to the hotel boys, kulti’s over confidence and sab-janta bhav, guha’s skilfull management process, prodipto’s fierce kulti bashing, juto’s over enthu, bhnuri’s desperation for a white ass and my unlimited lust for one kochi mamoni in the hotel….

jog falls

and finally, thanx to everybody for their support and enthusiasm that finally made our trip so wonderful. special thanx to kulti and guha for their pillar to post co-ordination of the trip. hopefully we all will meet again for our next journey. so, our assemblyhall-ite brothers, please join us for our next probable trip to munnar in october. wish to see many more of us in that ride. believe me, you’ll remember every bit of it.

See the full album of gokarn trip: Album1


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